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n91_w1150 (by BioDivLibrary)
I'm a junior in college who hates her major and herself. I did it all to make my parents happy but I don't want to be miserable for the next 60 years. I feel stupid and whiny and I know I should just be grateful for the chance to go to college. I am not okay but everyone else says I am lucky and being selfish so sorry I just needed to vent.

ah yeah that is super tricky. I mean, yeah you are really lucky that your parents can pay for you college. But super sucky that you’re not happy. Ultimately, I’d say your happiness outweighs anything. It’s one thing to say, suck it up, you can always change career down the path, but another to endure everything up to that point. 

Is there a possibility of changing your degree while you’re still enrolled at uni? Is there any chance you could talk to your parents about how unhappy you are? 


Ummm rowanhenry is this your design?? At cotton on?? Or have they stolen it??

It’s laid out differently. But those are my words. Meh. Has been ripped off a bunch. Not much you can do about it.

Edit: they used “forever” instead of eternal. But same shit.

Today is ARE YOU OK? day

I don’t want to sound insincere at all, but are you ok? If any of you are struggling with something (trivial or not) and it would be beneficial to talk about it with someone, then please don’t feel you are alone. Don’t hesitate to talk to me or someone else. I’m all ears.


Christy Turlington by Isaac Mizrahi New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1994; Nov. 4, 1993

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