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rain does it to me every  time. by (tara on the wander)

Ball’s Pyramid, an erosional remnant of a shield volcano and caldera that formed about 7 million years ago. Ball’s Pyramid is 20 km. southeast of Lord Howe Island at Australia in the Pacific Ocean.
Photo by Hatty Gottschalk

Santiam River, Oregon by victoriacarlson on Flickr.

Untitled by (Randy P. Martin)
You used to post about your life in the midst of all your awesome reblogs. What happened?

I didn’t realise people cared. I use tumblr less now. I rarely post pictures on instagram too. Idk if I’m just apathetic or subconsciously protecting myself from posting too much about my life for the whole world to see.
But people never communicate with me on here, so I didn’t think it would be missed.

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