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I think the reason I find it so hard to write lyrics, is because what I want to write about is only relevant for a certain time and place. And I only write when I feel strongly about something. And it might mean something so personal to me then. But in a few months when it no longer resonates with me (because nothing seems to last) I never want to sing those words again.


Buffalo on misty geyser, Yellowstone
Beanies coming sooooon #HGHSTHGHTS #apparel #design #typography #type #handlettering #highestheights #design #fashion

background photography by Kamil Ghais
Can't find the personality test thingy?


Its a poorly laid out site. Go there and scroll down to where the text is on a yellow background. And there will be 4 questions to answer. Then once you find out your letters. Just Google them and you’ll find other, nicer sites that will tell you what that personality type is.

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